Testimonials from seminar participants:

  • Easy pace, relaxed, informative
  • Easy to understand; good examples
  • Clear concise, balanced
  • Good to have a checklist of when to refer to Doctor, and complications to watch out for
  • Good explanation of the immune system and its function
  • Easy to understand, well set out and explained, very interesting
  • Has reinforced what I am doing is helping

Testimonials for Sally

I have had the pleasure of both Sally’s nurturing personality and outstanding homeopathic knowledge for the past two years. I took my now 10 year old son to see Sally for assistance with his lack of concentration and behavioural issues. Even after the first couple of consultations and homeopathic remedies I could see improvement in his behaviour. He was able to focus for longer periods of time and his behaviour seemed to be more even and consistent instead of the roller coaster ride that was our day to day existence. Today, my son is a different boy. Sally over time, has acquired a full understanding of his needs and personality. We both enjoy our appointments due to the relaxed atmosphere Sally creates in her home. A few weeks ago, my son had a nasty cough. We had been to see the GP only to be told he had a mild bronchitis and were prescribed antibiotics. However, two weeks later, the cough hadn’t gone away. Two days after seeing Sally my son’s cough is compltely gone! Sally has also been able to help me with stress related symptoms and my general wellbeing. Within 24 hours of taking the remedies prescribed I feel so much more relaxed and my muscles feel normal again

Jill Clark – Albany, Auckland

I first took my son to see Sally when he was 6 years old. He was having problems concentrating at school and was emotionally volatile because of the difficulty he was experiencing. At first, I was a bit cynical but I went along with it after a personal recommendation. Sally’s professional and kind manner and thorough approach went some way to building my confidence in the treatment but it was a gradual improvement in my son’s behaviour an concentration that really convinced me of the value of Sally’s intervention. Some months later, my older son began having persistent night terrors. I mentioned these to Sally and in this case the change was instantaneous. After weeks or maybe months of night terrors, my eight year old stopped experiencing the night terrors. He is ten now and sometimes has a bad dream, but never the terrors that he used to suffer from. Over the past few years, I have learned to identify when my younger son goes into a dip and needs to see Sally again. Invariably this puts him back on course within a day or two. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone seeking a gentle approach to supporting their children’s health and well-being.

Lynn Wrightson – Auckland

I have two children with autism and Sally has been seeing them over the past three years. We always have great results with treatment s that Sally gives. Using diet, biomedical, kefir, chiropractic, Bowen, homeopathy and Bach Flowers we have recovered our two children from autism. If the children are sick with anything, Sally is always the first person I can. In fact my youngest daughter has never seen a GP. Sally always fits us in and is very good on follow up. I am sure we will be with Sally for many years to come. I love the results and care Sally gives us. I also see Sally myself if I am unwell. I would highly recommend Sally for anybody that is not feeling well.

Anita Baldwin

I developed acne in my 30′s and was given drugs fro it by a skin specialist. There was not much change until I went to see Sally and then it cleared up straight away.  I also have a son who has dyspraxia – he gets tired and impatient, frustrated, argumentative unreasonable and wakes early. Since seeing Sally, his emotions and actions have been amazingly level compared to what they were before. My other son can also be very loud, over reactive and lacking ion concentration. Sally has helped him too. Both boys know when their behavior is deteriorating and ask to see Sally as they know that they will feel better as a result. I cant thank her enough.

Susanne Brown

My sn at age 6 was diagnosed with dyspraxia and autism. He could not remember names, and daily vocabulary. He had poor organisational skills and poor speech. School was a struggle for him although he had speech therapy, occupational therapy and special subject teachers. He saw Sally at age 9, five months ago. and his first sign of improvement cam after one month – he was a calmer and generally happier boy. He stopped sleepwalking, and no longer suffered from night terrors. He can now remember his times table, read, retain information and retell a story in a coherent manner. This journey for my boy will take some time but I believe that Sally is very talented, I am very grateful to her.


North Shore

Testimonials for Jeannette for Mentoring and Supervision

Thanks for all your help, support, advice and knowledge that you have passed on to me to enable me to do all the assignments and to help the patients. I have learned so much, it is all valuable knowledge that I will have for the future. Jan Stevenson, Waitakere

Jeannette, you have been a tremendous teacher and mentor to me during my diploma studies. I learned heaps from you. You were always very encouraging and positive. I really hope to stay in contact with you. Thank you so much for your support and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me.  Stefanie Schaefer, Mairangi Bay

Thank you for being an amazing mentor over the last four years. I have not only learned a lot but was continuously inspired by your knowledge and passion for homeopathy. Dorota Girdlestone, Birkenhead

Your manner in dealing with both my client and myself was relaxed and comfortable so that neither of us felt stress about this new experience. I found it useful to observe my patient being interviewed by another homeopath so that I could be objective about the picture I had formed of her. In this instance nothing new was elicited but I could see how that observation process could be valuable and could provide new insights. I feel that this kind of service is really useful and I am happy to provide a reference. Irene Vanderlaan, Auckland